• Photovoltaic Systems
    Creative Construction introduces a new addition to the quality services we offer, grid tied Photovoltaic systems. Scot has been involved in passive solar design since the early 1980’s, taking courses offered by UNM in passive solar design while obtaining his Bachelors Degree.

  • Lighting Your Home
    Designing basic lighting for your new home or remodeling project isn't too difficult to do yourself.

  • Picking a Remodeler
    The Remodelers Council is a professional organization serving members and associates of the Homebuilders Association of Central New Mexico.

  • Going to Do it Yourself?
    First, remember Murphy's Law. Home improvement. What millions of people spent $115 billion on in 1995 and even more in 1996

  • A Day in the Life of a Remodeler
    "I could make more money if I had a bigger company, and I just managed it. No way."

  • Selecting energy saving light bulbs
    You like being energy efficient, and you like the energy savings that the compact fluorescent bulbs offer, but the light they put out is ugly. Everything looks too warm, or too cool with the new CFL bulbs. Good news, efficient lighting doesn't have to be ugly!

  • EPA Lead Safe Remodeling
    The new rule from the EPA (40 CFR Part 745) states that any contractor/renovator who disturbs more than six (6) square feet of painted surface must follow lead safe practices.